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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


But I am excited to announce that I just had a long chat with my parents, and when I asked my dad about Obama he said, "What, you mean the person I'm going to vote for?" (SWEET!)
While growing up, my dad always assured me I would vote republican as soon as I started earning a paycheck. He was strictly liberal during college but switched to independent status as soon as he had a family to support.
Now he's finally recovering from his 80s hangover, though, and I just enjoyed a great conversation with him about true intellect trumping outdated politics. As if I needed my dad to clarify that Obama is the answer to our era -- I don't, but good grief, it was lovely to hear my dad selling him.
Whether or not Obama wins, I am grateful to him for the conversation I just had with my dad. He keeps changing my life incidentally.


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