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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm glad to hear we've got one more Obama voter! I can't remember if I mentioned it in these emails, but it looks like I convinced my Dad to vote Obama as well. Of course my Mom is wondering what the hell happened to her family. (My bro and his girlfriend are also big Obama supporters... in fact his g'friends mom was a precinct captain in Illinois.) But even she is thinking of just staying home come Nov (she can't stand McCain).

Speaking of changing lives incidentally, if you want to watch something check this out (I actually linked to this a month ago or so)... it's just follows some kid that likes Obama. The first half isn't especially interesting, but this video is actually what pushed me from just being a strong supporter of Obama to being a die-hard believer. After watching the end, where he meets Obama, I decided this guy is going to change our country.

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