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Saturday, January 21, 2012

here we go!

a few good reads from last week:

Fareed Zakaria interviews Obama

Andrew Sullivan makes the case for Obama and starts some interesting discussion:

Kevin Drum said Obama's strategy is actually much simpler than Sully makes it out to be

this guy and this guy think Sully's too easy on Obama... he responds

Man, this Republican Primary is turning into a real circus, huh?  I love it!

ps.  if you are getting this as an email would you let me know?  As far as I can tell these posts are no longer being sent out, but I want to make sure.

real quick

I just want to state for the record that for months now I have been skeptical of a Romney cakewalk to the nomination.  There's been a series of non-Romney surges (Bachman>Perry>Cain>Gingrich) that to me made it totally obvious that Republicans don't like the dude and want someone else.  The problem is they didn't have any other credible candidates (besides Huntsman, who they really didn't like).  

This, combined with the fact that the Republican dropped winner-take-all primaries in favor of the proportional delegate system the Dems use (a change made because R's saw 2008's Obama/Clinton duel as ultimately helpful to the Dems), means that there was no way Romney was just going to waltz through.  Don't get me wrong, he might still win, but everyone... including people who I generally admire a lot (Nate Silver and Josh Marshall, to name two)... has just been assuming that Romney's a cinch.  I NEVER thought this, and it annoys me that now people are saying in reference to Romney's current problems that only a few days ago it was unthinkable that Romney would have trouble wrapping up the nomination.  It wasn't unthinkable because that's what I thought.  

Just sayin'!