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Sunday, November 9, 2008


apparently hillary wants to debate on Fox News now. For those of you who maybe weren't following so closely a year ago or whenever this campaign first started Edwards made a decision early not to attend any debates hosted by Fox because A) Fox is not interested in a substantive debate but rather wants to make the Dem candidates look bad, and B) participating in their debates legitimizes them as a news organization (and, C, Edwards was looking for traction among Democratic partisans who appreciate this sort of thing). Then Fox aired the "madrassa" story saying Obama was raised in a muslim fundamentalist school, which was bogus, so Obama joined Edwards and announced he would not appear on Fox either. Then, under pressure from the types of people who pay attention to these things that far out, Clinton decided she wouldn't debate either. This basically killed the debate, and was a huge blow to Fox News' credibility. By the end only Biden and Kucinich were still willing to debate, so Fox just cancelled it rather than embarass themselves further. It really upset the Fox News people because it made them look like the hacks they are.
Now that things are looking shakey for Clinton she wants to debate on Fox. Now, unlike before, the entire country is paying attention... My bet is she's planning on using the standard Fox News' talking points ("If Obama can't face Fox News how is he going to face the terrorists!"), which have a greater chance of working on voters who are still undecided. In the process she will legitimize Fox News and reinforce Republican talking points. Yay Hillary!!

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