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Sunday, November 9, 2008


hey lee,

i just read them all (didnt make it to the video humor yet). Have to say krugman touched on some feelings I have about Obama, how his conciliatory dreams might not amount change. This election seems particularly crucial, especially for global warming, and my hope IS for a FDR type president (not that all his various achievements aren't slightly marred w/ things like the japanese internment camps.) That blog/post was really depressing, but I guess it speaks to the reality that during a presidency such as FDRs there were substantially less hurdles to winning public support for more revolutionary policy, as far as corporate influence and media saturation.

I liked the summary of stump speeches, but I think the author's use of random flowery literary speech was a little annoying-but maybe I just haven't read salon in awhile and have grown unaccustomed to their "style"-I stopped going there when all of sudden "the Fix" disappeared with not warning or explanation. (Now you can ponder over what it means that the only thing that kept me visiting Salon was a gossip column...vanity? secret fascination for lindsay lohan????)

I can not believe that the first caucuses are in 2 weeks - apparently kerry wasn't a front runner til after Iowa, so I guess things could change pretty quickly.

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