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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

please vomit

Who is John McCain?- reviews three new (critical) books of The Maverick

What Does Not Change- Obama's chances and the significance of his candidacy

is this really the kind of language they want to use?:
"Superdelegates who are committed to her are telling her to stay the course," said Harold Ickes, a senior adviser to Mrs. Clinton. "And there are some uncommitted superdelegates who are for her but not ready to come out — and they want her to stay the course and see this through."

can you imagine, if the situations were reversed, Obama suggesting he was losing because of racism? Clearly sexism has been a major impediment to Clinton's campaign, just as racism has been to Obama's, but at the end of the day I think you have to take responsibility for your own situation and leave it to others to come up with excuses. It really bugs me that Clinton keeps trying to suggest that hers is the cause of all women, and that her loss represents proof that we still live in a sexist society. Surely sexism is very real, but she is not "every woman," she is Hillary fucking Clinton, wife of a former President and one of the most polarizing figures in modern politics. I think that, in combination with a surprisingly poorly run campaign, has more to do with her current fortunes.

Oh, and if you hear or read anywhere that Clinton is winning the popular vote please know that someone is lying.

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