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Sunday, November 9, 2008

for fun

just for fun check out this video clip of john kerry endorsing obama: although i have a lot of respect for kerry he's got to be one of the worst public speakers to make a life out of politics. watch how awful his introduction of obama is. then watch when obama comes out and talks about john kerry and make kerry sound totally awesome, while describing his story in a way to subtly remind people of hillary's deficiencies and his own strengths. i think questions about obama's experience are totally legitimate, but the man is a fucking brilliant orator. it would be refreshing to have a candidate that didn't require his supporters to constantly explain what he meant.

In the last debate there was a moment where hillary said (paraphrasing) that as eloquent as obama is we don't need a smooth talker, we need a hard worker who can get the job done. obama replied that "words matter," saying that we need a president who can inspire people to act if we're going to get anything done. i think he has a point. being a talented public speaker is not just "surface," it has real world consequences. I think Hillary is extraordinarily smart and incredibly hard working, two great qualities to have in a president, but she has a "tin ear" when it comes to politics. not as bad as kerry, but in that direction. i think when her private personality comes through she is very likable, but when it comes to navigating turbulent political waters and i just don't think she has the gift. obama does.

so there's my thought for the weekend

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