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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Diana, I'm not going to touch that Steinem column with a ten foot pole, haha. I'll just say it was interesting and leave it at that.

But yes it would be nice if we could hang out and talk politics and watch debates, etc., but I guess that's not in the cards. The whole process has been kind of emotionally draining for me, which surely means I should spends less time thinking about it. But I get stuck on it.

I was hoping for an Obama win tonight so that the dominoes might start falling, but in retrospect maybe this is for the best. The Iowa/NH split decision pretty much guarantees that this is going to be a long drawn out primary and that lots of States will weigh in before it's over. So long as it doesn't turn mean that's probably a good thing: we'll get a more tested nominee.

While McCain is probably the best Republican he's still a Republican, which means he's terrible. Yes, he's an honorable, sincere person. But we can't take Republicans being in charge any more. In my opinion McCain's the most electable of the Republicans so I'm cheering against him. If they end up nominating Romney or Huckabee I really don't see them winning, so those are my guys.


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