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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Lee, I do love that "Stars: They're Just Like Us" thing that the shit mags do (and from which the photo in the NYT piece was taken). It's so ripe with potential for satire, and when they apply it to politicians, I almost feel like they're satirizing themselves. It just fits so neatly and cheekily into the rhetoric of elitists playing the common man.
Watching this morning's TV pundit roundtables, I was confused by how much they undermined themselves by intently discussing the possibility of Obama sharing the ticket with Clinton. I mean, is it at all feasible that she would ride along as VP? I haven't witnessed a single example in her campaign that suggests she would be willing to do it -- she'd feel like she's wearing a scarlet "VP" on her chest. So devoting screen minutes to the possibility smells like an avoidance tactic, to escape the slim chance of looking foolish by assuming it's Obama's candidacy now. They're acting just like Hillary! I don't always love Salon, but that Conley article Lee sent addresses more validly the "what's next for Hillary" question.
I do hope that at the end of all this, she humbly acknowledges that the increase in voter registration is her legacy.
I'm excited by the prospect of McCain shaping his platform in opposition to Obama, because I feel like a preferable sense of polarization will develop to that we would have seen between Clinton and McCain. It's going to be the finest presidential contest in our lifetimes, fer sho'.


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