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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Least Racist Person

This NYT article about Trump's racial politics is really worth the read.

Josh Marshall at TPM follows up with what Trumps been saying lately and what it means.

Speaking of race, I wanted to flag another valuable post from JM at TPM... I think one thing that's often glossed over or missed entirely in our recent debates over race is the role of unconscious bias, which even people who consider themselves (perhaps in many ways accurately) fair minded can fall victim to. To accuse such people of bigotry kind of misses the point, and more importantly makes them defensive and therefore less open to introspection. Proper police training could dramatically reduce the kinds of incidents we've been seeing lately... Unfortunately many police departments training programs seem to (unintentionally) only make them more likely.

Obama's most recent speech in Dallas was one of his best, IMO:

This video isn't about race but is worth watching:

I feel like we haven't heard enough about what kind of "businessman" Donald Trump is... But I think we will.

This defense of HRC isn't new, but is worth reading ICYMI before.

I also thought Ezra Klein's recent piece on her was insightful.

This seems problematic.

I wrote this post on my phone, stuck in an airport (sigh)

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