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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Don't Over-Think This... It's Good!

First off, I recommend Jonathan Chait's initial reaction to today's ruling, "John Roberts Saves Us All."

I would just add this:  There are a number of issues raised by today's ruling(s), with varying interpretations -- regarding the Commerce Clause (see here and here), or the Medicaid expansion ruling (see here and here), to name only two -- And then, of course, there are the political calculations of how it will "play."  But we shouldn't too quickly get lost in the weeds of this.

These issues are important, but let's not over-think it.  Today's news is a good thing.  For many reasons and on many levels.  It's good for our citizens' health.  It's good for our nation's finances.  It's good for our system of government.  It's good for our President.  It is, quite simply, good for our country.

Many battles lay ahead of us, and the next election is more important than ever, but today we should feel good.  Change is possible, and it's happening.  So, so much slower than we'd like.  But it's happening.

As Pelosi put it, "This is a great day. This is a fabulous day.”  It really is.

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