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Friday, January 22, 2010


From what I'm seeing right now the Democratic Party is a joke, Obama is a joke, the House and the Senate: jokes, and our entire system of government... JOKE. Except the joke's not funny!

And not to sound like your Dad when he caught you sneaking back into your house when you were 15... but in addition to being mad I am just truly dissapointed in Obama right now. As much as it pisses me off, I honestly can't say I'm surprised by how pathetic our Senators and Congresspeople are, but I honestly expected more from Obama. Jesus Christ give me Hillary. I gauranfuckingtee you that she would not be shrugging this off.

Health care reform needs to happen dipshits! We did not spend an entire year on this issue, a year when we had plenty of other things we could have been working on, only to give up at the very end. What would the Republicans do? You know damn well they'd be pushing full speed ahead, because they use their power to achieve their goals. I've just absolutely had it with these morons. I can't even type straight.

Spitting. Nails.


jeff said...

This week is one of the shittiest I can recall, and things aren't looking any better. I'm spitting nails right along with you. Looks like I can add health care and the budget crisis to my list of permanent problems, along with my boss and Israeli-Palestine relations.

I don't think I'm getting any clearer about wtf just happened, except that Dems and all of us Americans seem to want to blow our fucking heads off to spit our nose.

Lee said...

I love that "my boss" is thrown in with all those other issues, haha

Anonymous said...
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Jim said...

Lee, don't despair just yet. Read this.

And I wouldn't be too sure about Hillary in this situation. Think where we'd be if she were listening to Mark Penn.

Who is your representative?