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Saturday, August 8, 2009

summertime rolls

well the dog days of summer have turned out to be action packed after all, at least from a political perspective... and obviously this blog has not been serving its readers well (neither of you!), but I'm going to jump in now and post some videos for your viewing pleasure.

The lunatic fringe has surfaced this summer, so let's survey the insanity...

the "brat pack" takes on a whole new meaning:

this guy pretty much shreds the wackos to pieces (brutal!):

and Maddow did pretty well herself:

CNN even got in on the hypocrisy spotting game for a bit:

in more upbeat news, we have a new supreme court justice... Congrats Sonia! Here's her swearing in:

from the Obama archives:

a neat vid on the what happens to letters received by the White House:

new RS cover:


an amusing segment on Hillary's trip to Africa:

finally, no video for this one, but I really enjoyed this post on foreign policy doctrine as illustrated by a rap feud. (and more)

ok, I won't leave you hangin':

it's oh so serious...

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