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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday music blogging

happy weekend! here's some music for your enjoyment...

New video from Justice of the Unicorns (Rusty Dungen and cohorts):

pretty great all round

And speaking of hometown boys making good, Michael Johnson released an album this week under the moniker Ape School and is getting some national attention. Here's Rolling Stone's "hype monitor:"


Every week, Hype Monitor wades through the most buzzed-about bands all across the Internet to find the ones you need to hear now.

The Band: Ape School
The Buzz: Ex-member of the Lilys goes even deeper into the psych-left-field, lighting up songs with bright bands of sound, like one man singing beneath the auroroa borealis.
Listen If: You want the sonic equivalent of peyote-eating in the desert — arid, expansive and full of shape and color.
Key Track: The merry singalong “Did What I Did,” where group vocals unify campfire style over great, ghostly synths.

And here are reviews from Pitchfork Media and All Music Guide. MJ was nice enough to send me a copy so I can attest that it's quite good. If you want to hear for yourself go to the P4k link and look to the right of the page for the album player (I love that feature!)

Sonic Youth play a new song on Jools Holland:

speaking of the Youth, here's Beck covering one of their oldies, "Green Light" (EVOL):

reminds me why I used to dig him so much (i can't deal with his newer stuff). Now I wanna hear the SY Pay No Mind cover!

forget Shoegaze with all it's ethereal dreamy lushness... we've now moved on to "Shitgaze," which is also very noisy, but would never be described by any of those previous adjectives.

Psychedelic Horseshit:


wwavves.jpg picture by naterizzle

juking around:

moving on... here's a great new band from Merge Records called Telekinesis:

You can stream the whole album here

and speaking of Merge, their XXMerge fest's lineup keeps getting better. Unfortunately the $150 all-admission passes have all been scooped up already, but they'll be selling tix to individual shows. Hey, come and visit and we'll have us a time!

another guy whose music I've really grown to love is one kurt vile (who I believe pals around with some of our Philly brethren):

Dan Deacon's electronic weirdness didn't grab me at first, but it recently 'clicked' for me. It's not for every occasion, but it does have its charms. here's video of the recording of his latest, Bromst:

wilco has a (timely) woody guthrie cover available for download here.

It's called "the jolly banker" (he's not as nice as he sounds!) and they're asking for, but not requiring, a donation of $2 (or more)

New Dinosaur song for free download here, or just stream it here

lots of great stuff at daytrotter sessions

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart recreate a sound you've heard before, but may want more of:

ABC News (of all places) has a page with lots of video segments on indie musicians.

Have a great weekend!

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