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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm currently in Denver International Airport, on my way home from Breckenridge, where I've been the last few days, skiing with my family. Not to gloat, but it was pretty great. At this moment, however, my mind is captivated by the birds flying around the concourse. Are they doomed? Or have they hit the motherload of foodcourt leftovers.

Well, I havent been following the news, so here are a few random things...

Is George W. Bush President?

A visual depiction of Wal-Mart's spread across the country.

David Foster Wallace you left us too soon: a humane way to cook lobster

The clown that makes you not want to have sex:

Thomas Frank says bipartisanship is a silly beltway obsession

James Morone, professor of political science at Brown University looks at the historical record and concludes the same

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