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Thursday, December 18, 2008

the soft bigotry of soft bigotry

Pastor Rick Warren
Mindy Schauer

Sarah Posner and David Corn each explain why Rick Warren shouldn't be part of the inauguration

Marc Ambinder makes good points about the politics of choosing Warren here and here


It's the American way:


Al Jazeera coverage of the shoe thrower:

Some guy is offering the shoe-thrower his daughter (she's cool with it)


It never fails to amaze me how dorky the people I read really are when they show up on the teevee. That's the thing about blogs: being smart is what makes you cool... but clearly this is not how the rest of the world works.

Here's Spencer:


There's some excitement in certain quarters today about Obama's choice for Sec of Labor. Read this and this to learn a few things about Hilda Solis. Or check her out yourself:

What Obama's cabinet appointments, and the choices in general he's been making, signal to me is that "change" isn't something that's necessarily going to apply across the board... rather he's going to pick his battles. But he's actually picking a lot of battles. Health care reform will be taken seriously, global warming and creating green jobs will be taken seriously, labor will be taken seriously. Other issues like agricultural reform and educational reform and civil rights will get less attention. But if Obama actually wins all the battles he is choosing to fight he will be incredibly successful.


Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Hook a brother up!: Howard Dean deserves a great gig after the amazing job he did at the DNC.


Katrina's hidden race war.


Meet Cap'n Dividend:


Still trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone? Act now (while supplies last) and get the 2009 Sarah Palin wall calender!:

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