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Monday, December 8, 2008


(Photo: Damon Winter/The New York Times)

Gore will be meeting with Obama and Biden on Tuesday to discuss who should get key energy and environmental cabinet posts.


Today's Kerfuffle!:

Steve Hildebrand stirred the pot today with a post to the HuffPo that seemed to take "the left" to task for bitching about some of Obama's cabinet appointments.

David Sirota , Jane Hamsher and Greg Sargent (just to name a few) weren't happy with the condescending tone and the general STFU message.

Tim Fernholz (of TAPPED) argued that the piece was mostly an effort to paint liberal objectives as "centrist" (while simultaneously appearing to beat back the lefty hoardes);

Atrios chimed in saying:

The Obama campaign didn't exist to make me feel good, and the Obama presidency won't either. I don't especially like his people punching the dirty fucking hippies under the bed, but on the other hand if they manage to convince people that Obama is a sensible centrist who wants to do sensible centrist things like build SUPERTRAINS, get out of Iraq, not torture people or invade random countries, strengthen labor protections, reduce income inequality, improve education, provide health care for people, and reduce poverty, while those DAMNED DIRTY HIPPIES just won't shut up about their magic ponies, it's fine by me.

For years we've had Democrats railing against those crazy hippies as an excuse to not do all of those things. If Obama's people are going to rail against the hippies and use it as an excuse to do them, fine with me. If.

Hildebrand responds.


Absolutely confident:


Bush busy burrowing in more moles.


Obama team members meet with environmental leaders:


Eric Shenskeki was fired and even ridiculed by the Bush Admin for publicly stating that a succesful occupation of Iraq would require hundreds of thousands of troops and would last years. Needless to say history proved him right, and now Obama has tapped him to head the VA. Here's a short intv:


Is an Obama win good for the Gators?

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