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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Great article Di!

And RE: the sexism video, it's very powerful but those quotes really kill it for me. Not the quotes themselves, but the way the music comes in and it gets all melodramatic. But the general point of the piece is pretty striking, and the clips are very effective. My take on the topic pretty much mirrors what I think about racism: most Americans are not overtly sexist/racist in a conscious way. But the vast majority of people (if not all people) do have subconscious biases and unquestioned assumptions that affect their thinking and decision making. I think the most fair minded people are the ones who are at least aware of such subconscious biases and attempt to identify them when they crop up in their own thinking. Basically the exact opposite of what you see in that video.

Some of Clinton's people decided to drop in on Obama's rally last night, and were pleasantly surprised

Reaction to McCain's speech (vid)

Michael Tomasky is very unhappy with Hillary

here's a great recap of how he/they did it

Read this post by Matt Yglesias

Here's a blast from the past- a blog post from the night of Obama's 2004 convention keynote speech. I can't decide if it feels like yesterday or ages ago. Somehow, both.

Now I'm off to photocopy pictures of Obama to post around town (jk!)

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