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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I definitely agree Jay. As Jeff has pointed out before, while the Clintons are surely the furthest thing from racist in their personal lives, in her bid for the presidency she's (indirectly perhaps) stoked racial fears. I'm sure in her mind the ends justify the means, but when her actions lead to increased racial polarization one is left to wonder what the difference between hers and a truly racist campaign are exactly. I guess for her she'd rather she didn't have to go there, but you know shit happens deal with it.

So as this Memorial Day weekend draws to a close I'll throw a few last dogs on the grill:

TPM gives us the "gaffe-termath" (vid)

On my list of reasons for supporting Obama his race doesn't rank very high, but I thought this piece does a good job defending "liberal guilt:"

Guilt is good, people! The only people who don't suffer guilt are sociopaths and serial killers. Guilt means you have a conscience. You have self-awareness, you have—in the case of America's history of racism—historical awareness. Just because things have gotten better in the present doesn't mean we can erase racism from our past or ignore its enduring legacy.

Critics of Obama supporters who use the phrase "guilty liberal" or "liberal guilt" in a condescending, above-it-all manner suggest there's something weak about feeling guilt; they paint a trivializing, Woody Allen caricature of it.

Actually, I think it requires a kind of strength, not weakness, to face the ugly truths of history and to react to them in an honest way. "Liberal guilt" isn't a reason one must automatically support a black candidate, but that doesn't mean that liberal guilt—better defined as an awareness of the need to contend with, and overcome, a racist past—shouldn't be a factor in politics.

Atrios on Hillary supporters:

I know I'm not alone in the League of Mostly Nonaligned Bloggers in being rather puzzled by Clinton supporters. I don't mean all people who supported her, but the ones who are still pushing for her candidacy. As far as I can tell they want her to be the candidate and really just don't care how that happens as long as it does. At this point only a drastic rule change combined with a massive shift in support from superdelegates even gets her close to the nomination. In another words, cheating combined with the smoke-filled room residents overturning the outcome of the primary process.

I never really cared all that much about who won this thing, but at some point Obama became the only one with a legitimate path to the nomination. I just stare and scratch my head and wonder what it's all about. I appreciate that there are people who don't like Obama for whatever reasons and prefer Clinton for whatever reasons. But he, you know, won?

for a peek into the minds of these Hillary dead-enders try visiting here or here (And for the record, for all Hillary's faults I do not hold her responsible for her crazier supporters, just as Obama shouldn't be blamed for his. Still, these people are crazy!!)

Finally, at the risk of revealing myself to be the DFH* that I am, how 'bout lets honor those that have died for our country by trying to find ways to fight fewer wars so next year perhaps we won't have quite so many new "fallen heroes." (the link is to a video representation of an anti-war story by Mark Twain. background info here)

*dirty fucking hippy

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