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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hi All!

I am so glad that the Democratic primary is over, and that Barack Obama won, and especially the gracious way it appears that Sen. Clinton will be pivoting over the next few days. As I see it, a bunch of media personalities were rightly criticized for their insensitivities to Senator Clinton. The unequal treatment of women has been ubiquitous in America for the past few hundred years with some important gains along the way. But I think many of the old-school sexists (and some worse) who appear on oversized flat-screen televisions, at dinner time in millions of homes around our country, have some role in promoting the innuendo and simple folk wisdom that have set the tone for what passes for gender debate.

I feel hungover and bewildered after many months of watching excessive amounts of cable news coverage. Allowing my brain to slowly munch on the simplistic, repetitive suggestions offered by corporate cable news has long been something of a personal idiosyncrasy for me, but one that I now consider to be personally repugnant. At one time, I remember crying in shame after pulling a hurricane coverage all-nighter with CNN, listening to them repeating themselves and then realizing it wasn't even live! I'll never forgive them for that. But this primary has been much more brutal.

I want to renounce and reject the giant media conglomerates and their dynamic, photogenic television personalities who have sucked up to the Bush administration from day one, glad-handing, aw shucks, axis of evil, the answer to the question could come in the form of a mushroom cloud, etc. and they have continued to fuck up our country throughout this time by ignoring stories they are involved in (about propaganda being used upon American citizens on domestic soil), and about the conflict of interests their analysts and anchors have with defense contractors. I'm sure one could argue that these companies have a hand in almost every aspect of our lives. For instance, I had Cheerios this morning and I suspect that they were thoughtfully baked and packaged by a certain television personality that goes by the name "Wolf" (I found a hair).

I still enjoy programming like Newshour, but for now if I happen to turn on the television, I'll choose something sobering like "Intervention" or "Antiques Roadshow". Best to all of you!


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