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Sunday, November 9, 2008


yeah i have no idea what happened in NH. But she pulled it off so credit where it's due. although I was dissapointed I'm now thinking it might be for the best: an extended primary will further test the candidates, making them more prepared for the general, and give Democrats more time in the media to show voters what their vision for the future is. The only danger would be if the candidates go negative and start ripping on each other (HRC specifically, cuz Obama won't). My hope though is that such a tactic would only backfire and that the candidates already know it, so that they will limit their criticisms to subtle implication.
I really hope McCain doesn't win for the Republicans. He and Guiliani are the only ones that could possibly win in my opinion. McCain's not a raving pschopath like Guiliani is, but I still don't want Republicans to have any shot at this thing.

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