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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Debate tonight bitchez!:

Tonight, on January 31, CNN airs the last Democratic Debate before the Super Tuesday. The debate will take places in Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, California and will be aired live at 8PM EST.

Also, against my better judgement, here's something I wrote last night in response to the article Sara sent out. I actually had not been drinking when I wrote it, though it certainly reads that way. I was just really really tired and grumpy. Just as I was about to hit "send" I thought "I better wait and see what I think about this tomorrow." This morning I thought "yeah, good thing I didn't send that out!," but now rereading it yet again I think it's kind of funny, though obviously juvenile. So that's my giant caveat for this little gem:
here's some wine-track, sushi-eating, iPod-listening, latte drinking, volvo driving northeastern intellectual elite snobbery for you: the people in that article are as much to blame as anyone for the giant mess this country is in. they. can. suck. it. i have only contempt for those sorry ass redneck motherfuckers. "we have nobody representing us." Oh, I'm sorry, but here's the deal, you can choose between one party that represents your material interests or another that reflects your cultural bigotry, but sorry you can't have both. You can vote against dude's fucking each other in the ass, but only if you let your boss fuck you in the ass first, so get over your pathetic ignorance or grab ankles.
But to your point, Sara, Clinton won't do much better than Obama with these people, so at this point I don't think it really matters. It's true Edwards could have made some headway with them. Despite being the most liberal of the Democrats (not counting Kucinich) he is a white southern male, so if your daddy is also your grandaddy he's the best candidate on that basis alone.
Happy debate!

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