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Sunday, November 9, 2008


That was an interesting WSJ article about the SC campaign. And I love the Crash analogy, hehe. Reading the Clinton excerpt you included it does read well. I wasn't particularly moved, though, at the time because it came just after her slinging so much shit that it was hard to take her "our hearts are all in the right place" bit seriously. But at the same time I'm not so mad about it anymore. If Obama's going to be our nominee he needs to show he can overcome her attacks, because the general election is going to be a lot worse. Clinton's ready to get down in the mud. Obama thinks he can transcend such ugliness. Well, if he can then here's a great opportunity to prove it. And if he can't then maybe we need a mudder.

Diana you hit on one of the weird aspects of this race: even people who deride 'personality politics' are getting sucked in this time around for the reasons you mentioned: substantively the candidates are very similar, so personality and "style" end up mattering

here's an interesting take on the debate that says Clinton did the best (and not just on style but on substance too)

oh, and this was pretty funny:

And, I mean, I'm not entirely faulting the media because, look, race is a factor in our society. There's no doubt that in a race where you've got an African-American, and a woman, and John...


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