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Saturday, November 15, 2008

THAT's the ticket!?

who is "the one" again?:

It's worth noting that only one of the two major party candidates in this race who saw fit, in his acceptance speech, to focus our attention on his own character, to remind us that he has been his country's servant "first, last, and always", and to say things like: "I was never the same again. I wasn't my own man anymore. I was my country's." A servant, you might think, should not draw attention to himself, or insist on his own humility. And yet, oddly, it was the other candidate who focussed not on himself but on us, on the challenges facing our country, and on what he planned to do about them.

There is also only one candidate whose speech gave the impression that simply by arriving in a place he has actually inhabited for several decades and deploying the force of his character in its general direction, he will change "the way government does almost everything". The other one gave us not a just promise to stand up to special interests, or to show backbone and not back down, but specifics about what, exactly, he planned to do, while reminding us not just that our country was great, but why.

The Anchorage Daily News isn't happy with their Governor's recent attempts to shut down the investigation into her abuse of power:

BOTTOM LINE: Gov. Palin is stonewalling on Troopergate; the Legislature should issue subpoenas.

Meanwhile the McCain camp is, predictably, trying to derail the investigation

The Daily Show has McCain's bio vid

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