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Monday, November 10, 2008


here's something to set jimbo over the edge.
while i guess it's unfortunate that this is the direction the campaign is headed, i do think that Clinton is asking for it, almost literally. She probably figures these kinds of accusations won't affect her because everyone's already decided how they feel about her.
well then, here we go.
but it's worth noting (blogger) Digby's explanation as to how these attacks work. Here's the key bit (written about the Obama/Rezko allegations):
These are patented Whitewater-style "smell test" stories. They are based on complicated details that make the casual reader's eyes glaze over and about which the subject has to issue long confusing explanations in return. They feature colorful and unsavory political characters in some way. They often happened in the past and they tend to be written in such a way as to say that even if they aren't illegal they "look bad." The underlying theme is hypocrisy because the subjects are portrayed as making a dishonest buck while pretending to represent the average working man. Oh, and they always feature a Democrat. Republicans are not subject to such scrutiny because a craven, opportunistic Republican isn't "news." (Neat trick huh?)

No single story will bring down a candidate because they have no substance to them. It's the combined effect they are looking for to build a sense overall sleaziness. "Where there's smoke there's fire" right?
ps. I'm looking forward to more like this

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