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Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, wish me luck explaining my crazy brother's critique of Obama and his support of Hillary. Actually, don't bother -- not even going to try. I feel lucky to be capable of tuning him out and I am not going to put my memory through the painful task of summoning and summarizing his thoughts.
My mother didn't register to vote until she was 57, five years ago. She is not currently permitted to watch the news because it would likely upset her and send her back to the hospital. I think that's because she watches Fox, despite my father's insistence that she, "turn that shit off." When I told her Greta Van Susteren is a scientologist, she told me she found that hard to believe because Greta, "seems so level-headed." When I mentioned this to my brother, he engaged in a fifteen minute analysis of the physical attributes of a number of anchor women. He would not fuck Greta Van Susteren, and thus she has nothing valid to say.
I think the only thing my mother said to me in regard to the campaign during my eight day stay was, "do you really think a black man can be president?" And due to her condition, I really can't challenge what she says, or show disbelief. I did almost privately throw up after hearing that.
And I do find politics implicitly personal, especially right now. Feel the same way about business, actually. Running a business isn't all that different from running a family.
Right now, though, I can sit for four hours and marvel at the challenges to personal security posed by someone having two email addresses, so seriously, don't mind me.


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