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Monday, November 10, 2008


I haven't seen this video yet (i'm at work right now but i'll watch it when i get home), but i read something about it and my initial hunch is that it won't be the end of Obama. Even my Mom said she wouldn't want to be held accountable for everything her priest had to say. (this was before the brouhaha, so i don't know if it will change her opinion) I'm sure it will be used against him, but he can always point to what a lunatic that Hagee dude is that McCain's buddied up with, and then just say something like "let's just judge each other on our own beliefs, and not those of the people around us"
At the very least this negates the whole 'Obama is muslim' stuff, haha. I mean he can't both believe in Allah and worship the black Jesus, right?

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