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Monday, November 10, 2008


Man, I'm bummed. At this hour it looks like it's still possible for Obama to pull out a delegate win from Texas, but clearly Hillary is getting a big bump from tonight. And what's the big lesson?: go negative. In other words, do McCain's work for him. If she could actually win I wouldn't complain, because that's politics. But she can't win. Unless. The only way she could possibly win involves A) gaining enough momentum to convince a sizable number of super-delegates to support someone with less pledged support in an effort to B) get Florida and Michigan's invalid results counted, thereby, possibly, winning a majority of pledged delegates, thereby justifying mass defection of superdelegates. This would be Bush v. Gore redux. But it's still highly highly unlikely to actually work. But if there is any chance it could work the key strategic element involves going very negative on Obama. Part of me thinks, well, he's going to get it in the general anyway, maybe the practice will help. But the other part says 'fuck this. she's tearing down her own party for her own bullshit.'

Anyway, here's a canadian video on the whole Obama NAFTA flap which I think is worth watching. (.wmv)

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