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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

please vomit

your email has steered a pretty intense conversation in my office for the last hour or so. You have effectively campaigned from afar.
I'm glad to hear it! That put a smile on my face, haha. If you have time I'd be curious to hear more about that convo.
I'm not familiar with Fiorina, but I'm going to read that article.

This is a theory I've been following for a while now and really really hope bears out- That the kids born in the 80's and 90's represent a new, progressive generation that will remake the country. It seems like most people I our age are a bit cynical that the younger ones will take stuff seriously, but I'm more optimistic. To some extent we see what we want to see I guess. But the future of the world is in their hands, just as it was for the last 'greatest generation.' Here's hoping they rise to the challenge, cuz no one else seems to be.
Obama's fundraising ability

The Militarist (guess who!)

funny (vid)

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