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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Josh Marshall looks at a few possible swing states (vid)

This article talks about Obama's intention to try to expand the map

increasing voter registration

Obama on taxes, healthcare

Obama's political dexterity:
When historians look back at Obama, they may well see this as his defining political ability. When the Jeremiah Wright controversy raged, Obama delivered a speech on race that commentators called the most important statement on the subject in decades. When he was criticized for an extemporaneous statement in a debate expressing willingness to talk to foreign dictators, he did not retreat and apologize; instead, he turned the issue into an attack on his opponents for being unable to move beyond George W. Bush's foreign policy. Whenever he seemed to be at a disadvantage, Obama found the means to turn things around and emerge stronger than he had been before.

Here's a profile of Kathleen Sebelius, considered a top VP possibility. I saw her State of the Union rebuttal last year and was unimpressed, but this article says she's worth a second look. Apparently Obama really likes her personally and has told people he could see himself working with her. She's a popular liberal governor from a red state (Kansas). I'll certainly be curious to learn more about her.

I'm not the expert by any stretch, but I think the best bet might be either Sebelius or former VA gov Mark Warner (he's currently running for Senate and is a shoe-in, so tapping him would cost that seat, but he's a very popular guy who might be able to swing VA blue). Other possibilities (w/ caveats): Wes Clark (super-smart former general, but has never held elected office), Joe Biden (knows his foreign policy like few others, but would probably make a better secretary of state), Bill Richardson (likable and experienced, but gaffe prone).

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