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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The polls are looking pretty good (TPM vid)

Obama talked about national security yesterday (vid)

I'm finding Obama's outreach to Evangelicals fascinating to watch. Check it out this report that aired on the 700 Club.

Straight Talk!

A recap of Michelle's appearance on The View

Candidate Obama's email list could be a powerful tool for a President Obama

Five months before the November election, Democrats are beginning to fantasize about how they could use Barack Obama's massive e-mail list in the service of a Democratic administration.

By mere dint of its enormity, Obama's collection of e-mail addresses — a million and a half from donors, many more from other supporters — holds game-changing potential.

"The thing that has blown me away is how these same people [who have donated] have also done all this volunteering and helped with the get-out-the-vote effort. And if you get into a governing mode, it's unlimited how you could use this base," said Tom O'Donnell, a Democratic consultant who served as chief of staff to then-House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt.

American Enterprise Institute scholar Norm Ornstein says that if Obama's online moneymaking operation continues apace, it would free him in the White House from the endless procession of reelection campaign obligations, thereby allowing him greater time to spend pressing his agenda.

Scott Lilly, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, said the list could be particularly effective in pressuring lawmakers in conservative strongholds.

"There are districts that are held by Republicans that Obama is going to have pretty substantial organizations in," said Lilly, "and those organizations can be used to build a network that can critique incumbent members of Congress and provide ways for candidates to remove those members and, in that way, make Republican members more cautious."

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