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Saturday, November 15, 2008

d day

Political cartoons

Newsweek is doing a seven part recap of the election. Part One is about the Obama and Hillary, from their decisions to run through New Hampshire, and it's got lots of interesting details. I haven't read Part Two yet, but it's about the early days of the McCain campaign. More to come...

The New Yorker on McCain's fall

TPM looks at the three unsettled Senate races. Short version: one we'll likely win, one we'll likely lose, and the other is a toss-up. If all three were to go our way it would put us at magic number 60 (though that's highly unlikely to happen). (vid)

A number of people are noticing that for a candidate who got elected on the notion of "change" Obama sure does seem to be hiring a lot of Clintonites. Ezra Klein thinks this is actually in keeping with Obama's philosophy of party building. Personally I think it shows a healthy respect for experience as well as a sense of confidence that he will still be able to set the agenda even while managing people he a) may not know as well and b) who've been in these (or similar) positions before. Some might choose people they could feel more comfortable bossing around, but Obama seems to want to boss around the the most seasoned and experienced crew he can find. It took a couple years for the Clinton Admin to find its stride and Obama would prefer not to repeat that learning experience. Seems smart to me.
There's even a rumor he's considering HRC herself for Sec. of State.

Spencer Ackerman reports on what kind of relationship Obama is likely to have with military leaders:

According to interviews with active and retired military officers, Obama and the military can have a productive relationship, provided that Obama operates along some simple principles. Consult, don't steamroll — and don't capitulate. Be honest about disagreements, and emphasize areas of agreement. Make Petraeus a partner, not an adversary.

Similarly, the uniformed military will have to keep certain principles in mind as well. There's only one commander in chief, and you're not him. Don't substitute military judgment for strategic judgment.

An Obama Admin poses a new problem for Iran

50 things you might not know about Obama

did you hear?

Political cartoons


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