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Saturday, November 15, 2008

d day

Looks like weather will be good across most of the country today,
promoting voter turn-out. Good for democracy in general (and
increasing the legitimacy of today's winners), but given Obama's
tremendous lead in early voting, democrats may have preferred a little
more rain (at least in the rural areas of swing states).

NC and VA (both "real" and "fake") will be getting some showers though.
(Use the "J" and "L" keys to advance the model.)

Also, Starbucks is now giving away a free coffee today to anyone who
wants one. The original plan to provide coffee to voters ran into
problems with federal law on rewarding voters. ( ) Regardless, any "Get
Out The Vote" effort directed to Starbucks customers over WalMart
customers should be helpful to dem's, statistically speaking.


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