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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

are you racist or sexist?

Here's Jeff and I raving about the speech:

Jeff: I don't care about the election; this was a signal moment in our history on its own
me: you know, there's been a lot of talk about how Obama can push the debate forward, help get us past the same old battles that we re-fight over and over, and many have said, with justification, that that all sounds very 'pie in the sky' kumbaya. But here is an example of him actually doing it.
Sent at 7:26 PM on Tuesday
Jeff: Lee, he's the real deal...He's saying what he believes, and he's in a unique position to konw what he's talking about. By the way: He wrote this entirely himself.
me: i recently read Dreams of My Father, so that doesn't surprise me (it's very well written).
Jeff: i should really read it
me: But I agree, this wasn't an attempt to damage control, this was his using the current situation as an opportunity to push the country towards racial conciliation. That says something about what he's about.
that his first goal wasn't self-interest, but leadership
Jeff: I think he's the best to come up for President since JFK or earlier. NO kidding.
me: I'm still worried about if he will win. But if he's elected I feel confident he would be a transformative president.
Sent at 7:31 PM on Tuesday
Jeff: Dude we've got to take him. We've not been offered such talent, EVER! How can we not take him up on his offer to be PRes????
Sent at 7:39 PM on Tuesday
Jeff: by the way, I think my Bigmama is going to vote for him. She's 88.
me: one thing about his speech that is interesting is how he talks about how people that we love sometimes have some very ugly ideas, and that likewise our country has some real flaws, and has since it's inception. But that doesn't mean we should stop loving our friends, family or country. It means we have to recognize legitimate grievances and try to heal these rifts.
Jeff: and her grandfather was a slave owner
me: wow
Jeff: YES. Lee that is so Key
The fact is he's saying "This is our family" ....all of it
me: I think it was a great way to frame the issue because every white person knows a crazy assed racist, who they even like as a person, even though they don't accept their ideas.
And so he's presenting his pastor in that same way
Jeff: And NOT rejecting HIM. His initial rejection of the statements is STRENGTHENED by his embrace of the pastor, in my opinion
me: yeah exactly
what at first seemed like a contradiction is now put forward as exactly his point
Sent at 7:43 PM on Tuesday

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