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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

are you racist or sexist?

I don't think this dialog needs any addendum -- Jeff and Lee have framed it well (there is something particularly poignant in the combination of typos and passion in the IM record; I feel the urge to stand by the medium in this context -- let's call it the new honesty and start a trend).
All I want to add to the existing commenatry: the oratory in question indicates just the right amount of experience, perfect medium kind of stuff (let me remind you that I ypically see things through a media studies lens, and when someone cracks that lens I pay attention).
It's a beautiful speech, a beautiful document. It made me think of teachers at peak -- you know, all Dead Poet's Socety style, experienced enough but not yet burnt out. (I hope the pop culture reference doesn't make this seem shallow, because I believe in it as an exemplification. And I dislike Robin Williams.)
Even Maureen Dowd got the point. Wow, the color gray is profound, right?
Anyway, in the midst of being completely overworked, I wanted to add a transcript link for anyone who can't spare a second for Google and missed out on the live delivery (A. Huff gots the video, too, if you suddenly find time you couldn't spare at the original occurrence):
Pretty fucking awesome. Maybe JFK is the most recent reference, but this to me was totally FDR-grade beef.
Lee, in case I haven't said so lately, I read all of your emails and really appreciate the time you give even when I'm too busy at work to comment.


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