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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


it will be interesting to see how PA plays out. Here are a couple articles in case you're looking for something to chew on till results come in:
an article about the media and last week's debate
what's going on in Hillaryland. Or you can get the basic idea from just reading the last paragraph:
And so the jockeying and layering and squabbling grinds on, even as Hillary's chances of capturing the nomination grow ever more remote. From the outside, the struggle for control of a campaign that likely won't be around much longer may appear absurd. In Ballston, however, the sense of looming loss seems only to feed the fury, as advisers grab for what may be their last chance to right the ship. Whether driven on by dedication, desperation, or delusion, some of Hillary's not-so-happy warriors find themselves unable to give up the fight--not just against Barack Obama, but also against each other.

But perhaps we should put these people in charge of the country afterall. Whatsayyou Pennsylvania?

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