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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Here's TPM's highlight reel of Obama on Fox News this morning to be interviewed by (supreme chode) Chris Wallace. Up till now Obama had been shunning the network since they aired that "madrassa" hit piece on him. I guess after getting poor reviews on his last debate performance he wanted to show he can handle tough questions. A lot of lefty blogger types are pretty upset that he caved and helped legitimize the channel. This diary makes a good case that, like it or not, it's just his style to engage with all types. I do wish he had at least poked at Fox News' peculiar brand of "journalism" though. I'm sure he could have got in some digs while still being jovial and good natured about it. Oh well.

Here's a video clip of Obama's response to whether he's "too much like a GQ cover, who is aloof and therefore has an image problem and can't relate to working-class voters." (you gotta love that question, haha)

Here's a worthy op-ed by Elizabeth Edwards on the sorry state of our news media

Does ability to run a campaign translate to ability to run a country? I'm not sure, but these two articles provide quite a contrast:

McClatchy on Clinton's run

Meanwhile, in Obamaland

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