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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well today was my first time canvassing for a candidate. I went with some Indian doctor and knocked on doors of registered Democrats. Hopefully it did some good. I had an interesting conversation with 70 year old blind lady who was half black / half Cherokee. In fact, she wouldn't stop talking to me. It was like I was being held hostage, haha. But she was very friendly (and I suspect lonely or at least bored). She showed me pictures of her hanging out with Jesse Jackson and told me about going to an all black segregated school. The entire time her tv was on full volume with some shoot em up cop movie on. (She was hard of hearing too) That was probably the most interesting encounter of my afternoon.


Moyers on Wright- this is well worth watching. Moyers is more sympathetic to Wright than I'm currently feeling, but he makes several important points.

My new elderly friend says "everything he [Wright] said was true! last I heard we have freedom of expression in this country! If we don't have a foundation of truth our buildings will fall!" (I didn't ask her if she thought our gov't intentionally spread AIDS.) She even mentioned something about the merits of black liberation theology... it so happens just posted a useful interview which explains the doctrine.

NYT Video
of that article about dems differences on economics (I probably should have just linked to this in the first place.)

A good article about
how Obama came to know (Weatherman) William Ayers.

Glen Greenwald responds to that article about Dukakis in '88.

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