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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Actually I rented that movie several months ago out of curiosity, and while I enjoyed sort of "reading it" as a relic of the crazy Clinton years (which were I guess just as inane as the Bush years, only the issues were much sillier) I can't say I thought it was a good movie. I guess it was supposed to be an indictment of the Clintons, but especially in retrospect now having experienced a really bad presidency I found it more revealing of how ridiculous the conventional wisdom of that time was. One point of the film that does seem relevant, though, is the rationalization, expressed by the 'Hillary' character, that it's ok to slime a primary opponent because the Republicans will do it anyway and that if anything it's a service to the party, who needs to know if a candidate has an achilles heel before nominating him. It's an argument that certainly makes some sense, but still strikes me as conveniently self-serving.

But, yeah, that was an interesting movie.

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