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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Article on celebrity mags covering politics (here's a shout out to Diana, who I'm guessing will find this amusing)
ten more! (hindsight truly is 20/20)
political ringtones (I can't imagine wanting one of these on your phone, but it's funny they exist)
NYT has some advice for Clinton (Peggy Noonan, Republican hack, says about the same thing, albeit more dramatically, here)
Two articles that basically say the same thing here and here: In Hillaryland they know it's over, but they don't know how to stop.
On MSNBC Rachel Maddow and KO have been arguing whether or not she'll keep running or gracefully bow out. RM argues that continuing the race now is actually only slightly more crazy now than it was a few days ago so she'll probably keep going. But of course the difference is that now the media has recognized the absurdity and has decided to stop playing along. It's kind of like Wile E. Cayote continuing to run after he's already run over a ledge. Eventually he must look down, and once he does he falls. Well in this case whether or not the Clintons have looked down everyone else certainly has. (D'oh! Just before sending this I noticed the Economist beat me to the metaphor. Oh well. Anyway I copped it from Josh Marshall who used it talking about something else. Hey, it's a great metaphor!)

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